CBD is illegal in Texas

By February 6, 2019 No Comments

If you possess a bottle of CBD containing just a bit of THC, you could go to jail in this state. You’ll spend time in jail from 180 days to 20 years.

More reports of people getting arrested while carrying CBD are seen every week. This is a terrible topic to talk about, especially because we’re talking about the same country that has states with marijuana completely legal (for recreative and medical purposes)

It is possible to buy CBD in Texas but many people don’t know it is completely ilegal to carry CBD-free bottles with them because no CBD bottle is completely free of THC, even the best CBD-free bottle might contain 0.0000000001% THC

People are so confused about this, they are wondering why CBD is being treated like THC, especially when CBD doesn’t provide psychoactive results and even though there’s minimum THC content in a bottle, it’s not enough to get you high even after drinking the whole content.

CBD must be legal in Texas

People are asking Texas representatives to legalize CBD completely, to be exact, to legalize medical marijuana in the state. There are confirmed cases of people living better with the help of CBD products.

CBD is an important medicine these days, it is really important to live in a state where it is legal, Texas can’t go this way anymore.

If you support CBD in Texas, please tweet or call a Texas representative right now, they will hear you.

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