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Why men are consuming CBD in 2019?

CBD or Cannabidiol is very popular now, millions of people worldwide are consuming CBD to relieve pain or stop illnesses. Now we must understand that most of the benefits happen in the same way for men and women but there are certain things happening in the body of men with CBD.

CBD is also used by seniors

The well-known benefits are:

  • CBD is a pain reliever
  • CBD stops nausea
  • CBD helps with the battle of cancer
  • CBD reduces inflammation
  • CBD reduces the number of seizures
  • CBD is a protector of the nervous system
  • CBD reduces anxiety
  • CBD has a big impact in cardiovascular health
  • CBD improves your digestion
  • CBD improves your mood without getting high

CBD Benefits for Men

While the previous benefits are for both women and men, these are the most important benefits of CBD for men:

  • According to the recent studies, CBD seems to help regulating the levels of testosterone
  • More and more men claim that CBD is helping with their erectile dysfunction
  • CBD stops prostate cancer when it has just started
  • CBD relieves prostate cancer pain, it works like a natural analgesic
  • CBD prevents testicular cancer
  • CBD prevents penile cancer
Add CBD to your workout and you’ll get better stamina

CBD and Testosterone levels in Men

THC binds receptors while CBD does not. CBD acts like a protector for testosterone in the liver. According to studies, CBD slows T synthesis in the Leydig cells but it doesn’t reduce testosterone levels.

CBD reduces the levels of prolactin and also cortisol levels which is great. Both low levels are inverse and correlated to the desired levels of testosterone in the men’s body.

CBD and Erectile Dysfunction

More people these years are claiming the it helps.

CBD regulates our systems, what is wrong becomes fixed and just as any other problem, the erectile dysfunction problem can be fixed by CBD. Our endocannabinoid system is so advanced and complex that only a thing like CBD, in the same realm can adjust things for better.

CBD for Prostate Cancer and Pain

No official or major study can confirm that CBD works perfectly for people suffering of prostate cancer but there are good comments by the community. After reading some posts by people online, some claim that CBD even eliminates prostate cancer tumors when consumed in large doses. (Using a CBD oil bottle of 3500mg for example)

The correct decision is to go under tradition treatment for prostate cancer and also intake CBD for better results. CBD won’t affect the medicine prescribed for your prostate cancer.

CBD is confirmed to help with cancer pain so that’s a big YES! Use it!

CBD and Testicular Cancer

Once again, no major study has confirmed that CBD can cure testicular cancer but many people confirm treatment is improved when intaking CBD products because the endocannabinoid system is corrected.

CBD might not cure testicular cancer but certainly helps a lot. It’s a pain reliever, so please use it to stop the pain.

CBD and Penile Cancer

CBD is now being prescribed by doctors in the US according to where you live (because CBD extracted from marijuana, the best, isn’t legal in many states and countries) to help with the treatment of penile cancer.

This type of cancer affects the penis, malignant cells form in the tissues of the penis. It’s a very painful cancer and CBD can definitely relieve the pain of the disease and also chemotherapy.